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Life Skills Classes (Teens)

**Outside Training Classes during the Covid-19 Pandemic will be run following guidance from the Government and the Canine & Feline Sector Group** A Maximum of 6 individuals can gather inside ou [Read more ...]


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**Outside Training Classes during the Covid-19 Pandemic will be run following guidance from the Government and the Canine & Feline Sector Group**

A Maximum of 6 individuals can gather inside outside, maintaining hygiene requirements, and social distancing. Therefore, places are limited - maximum of 5 people & puppies allowed.  **Only one person per puppy permitted in the training area**.

Family members may watch from the car park/cars which is close to the training area, but may not come into the training area.

For older puppies (21 weeks - 18 months). This is normally a 6-week course (£10.00 per session / £60 per course) 
We will develop your older puppy/young adult's skills in Come When Called, Leave It, Polite Lead Walking, Stay and Settle - all the Life Skills your dog needs to be a delight to be around!
Classes are held in Mawnan Smith, about 5 miles outside of Falmouth. 
**The address for classes is: The Cricket Club/Community Hall, Carwinion Playing Fields, Carwinion Road, Mawnan Smith, Falmouth TR11 5JA**
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Lindsey is absolutely brilliant, she helped us so much with the training of our cockapoo puppy Leia and especially getting her over the fear of other dogs after being scared by other puppies at the vets socialisation classes! Would recommend 100%
Lindsay came round at amazingly quick notice when looking after my 8-week-old alone got totally overwhelming. She instantly brought a relaxed, calm atmosphere to my home, and helped to put everything into perspective with reassurance and humour. Pup seemed much more chilled and focused (apart from the 1.5 hours of sleeping) and it’s now easier to see the points where she’s getting over-excited. All the pointers in the session were backed up with the research behind them, and she shared some great videos to make things clearer. It was lovely to see how fluid and responsive Lindsay’s approach to puppy play and ‘training’ is. I’d recommend this to anyone who feels like it’s all getting too much or the puppy books don’t seem to match your reality. And even if you’re not, book and have a really interesting 2 hours anyway! Thank you.
Brilliant service! She went above and beyond to support our puppy during the lockdown. Highly recommend
Both Archie (lab/retriever cross) and I loved this course. Lindsay is a great teacher. Easy to follow classes with lots of follow up information by email made this course invaluable for us. Highly recommend. Hoping to follow up with adolescent course when I can find the time! Thanks Lindsay for sharing all your experience and for all those extra tips!
This has been such a valuable course for us and our puppy Oscar. Having had puppies in the past that did not go to puppy school, we have seen a big difference in the level of behaviour already. Lindsey has been super, supporting when small issues arise between classes - on hand to help give tips to work on things before they become habit.And as for the zoom lessons - I’ve been so pleasantly surprised how well these work!! Oscar the pup is able to focus just on me in safe setting with minimal distractions. And that means far less multi tasking for me! We then take what we have been taught and apply in different places which improves the skill and improves socialisation. We are very pleased we used Takepuppysteps to help Oscar have as good a start as we can manage for him and would recommend to anyone starting out with a four legged friend.
Absolutely great training, which has been very positive for our puppy as well as with the approach we've learned to take to training him. Highly recommended.

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