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Whatever your goals for your new arrival, Puppy Steps can start you off in the right direction.  
After experiences raising two very different and challenging puppies, I began to realise how counter-intuitive bringing up a puppy can be.  What you think is the right way often results in behaviour that you didn't expect or want. There is a lot of information and advice available, some of which relies on out-dated methods and can even be dangerous.  Following my first distance learning “Think Dog!” courses with renowned trainer Sarah Whitehead & Alpha Education, I became ever so slightly addicted to learning about canine behaviour and training.
I am passionate about helping people understand their puppy's behaviour, and ensuring the very best early training and socialising for puppies from 8 weeks onwards.I use the most enjoyable, modern, effective and gentle techniques for reliable results. I hold OCN Level 3 qualifications in Canine Behaviour and Training, specifically in running Puppy Training Classes.  I am a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (imdt.uk.com) and frequently improve and update my knowledge and skills through Continued Professional Development.
Whether this is your first puppy, or you have had dogs for many years, I am sure you'll find Puppy Steps enjoyable and informative.  If you have already completed a short training course, perhaps through your local veterinary surgery, ongoing training and socialisation can make the most of this vital stage in your puppy's life. Your puppy's teenage stage can also be challenging, so if your puppy is aged over 20 weeks, consistent training can be especially helpful through either group classes or individual coaching.  
Why travel further for professional and ethical puppy training and socialisation.
I welcome any questions you may have and hope to see you and your puppy at Puppy Steps soon.

Training and Achievements

Think Dog! – Alpha Education  2011-2014

           Think Dog! Certificate

           Think Dog! Intermediate

           Think Dog! Training for the Future

Susan Garrett’s Puppy Peaks 2013

Susan Garrett’s Recallers 2014

Practical Instructor Training – IMDT – April 2014 – 4 day course

IMDT 2 days Assessment – IMDT – Nov 2014 – Achieved Full Membership

Pup Rescue, Spain – IMDT – Feb 2015.  An intensive 5 days working with puppies from Spanish Rescues

Happy Puppy Instructor – IMDT – May 2015 – 5 day course focusing on running puppy classes

Happy Loose Leaders – IMDT – May 2015 – 1 day Workshop

Practical Puppy Instructor – Domesticated Manners – Aug 2015 – 5 day course focusing on running puppy classes

The Mechanics, Spain  - IMDT – Feb 2016 –  An intensive 4 day course in advanced training theory and practical working with dogs in a Spanish shelter

Practical Skills – Level 1 & 2 – Domesticated Manners – April/May 2016. Extending training and coaching skills to other animals, in particular some very unforgiving chickens

Focus Engagement and Impulse Control – Pawsatively Dogs – May 2016

IMDT Behaviour Conference 2016  – June 2016

Proprioception 1 Day Seminar with Sam Turner - IMDT - November 2016

Funk Up Your Classes - IMDT - March 2017

Happy Recalls & Happy Loose Leaders – IMDT – November 2017

The Puppy Conference – PACT – January 2018

Platform Training – Kay Attwood – January 2018

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