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Zoom Online Puppy Foundations Sessions

Are you raising a puppy during the Coronavirus situation? Puppy training and socialisation is immensely important, but what can you do when face to face classes are out? How can you wear out your [Read more ...]


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Are you raising a puppy during the Coronavirus situation?

Puppy training and socialisation is immensely important, but what can you do when face to face classes are out?
How can you wear out your busy, energetic puppy when you can only go out once a day?
How can you balance home-schooling your children and your puppy?
How can you continue to socialise your puppy when you cannot meet new people and dogs up close?

The answer is remote puppy training sessions via the teleconferencing system "Zoom"!

* For puppies aged 8 weeks to 8 months - no need to wait for vaccinations
* Sessions are on a rolling basis - join when you're ready, no need to wait for the start of a course.
* All sessions are small with a maximum of 4 puppies for individual attention. 

Early puppy training and socialisation is vital and should be accessible to everyone. Teaching your puppy at home via your device has lots of advantages over a face to face class right now :

* Your puppy is already in a comfortable environment - ideal for learning
* Your puppy will find it easier to focus on you.
* No need to wait for their first or second vaccinations
* Access to equipment not able to be provided in a group class
* You still get the benefit of an experienced instructor and the comradery with other puppy-owners

Sessions are structured to cover socialisation experiences, basic puppy training )or moving your puppy on if they are older), and information to prevent and correct problem behaviour.

What we cover:

* Fun games for focus and attention, ideal for small spaces
* Don't pull on the lead
* Speedy "Come When Called"
* Play with me nicely
* Meet people without jumping
* Meet other dogs politely
* Mental stimulation for busy puppies
* Playing with other dogs
* Confidence building with new experiences
* Puppy Obedience - sit, down, stay
* And lots more!
What you get:
• 6 x 45 min Zoom sessions
• 1 x one to one Zoom session for individual, tailored assistance (further sessions can be booked separately)
• 6 x “Behavioural Vaccinations” handouts for the preventions problem behaviours
• Comprehensive printed materials to complement the course - emailed weekly
• Personal e-mail support for the duration of the course.

Please book consecutive weeks where possible.

If you would prefer to work at your own pace and have access for life to a series of training videos, please check out my on-line class - https://schoolfordogs.teachable.com/p/puppystepsdogtraining-level-1
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Brilliant service! She went above and beyond to support our puppy during the lockdown. Highly recommend
This has been such a valuable course for us and our puppy Oscar. Having had puppies in the past that did not go to puppy school, we have seen a big difference in the level of behaviour already. Lindsey has been super, supporting when small issues arise between classes - on hand to help give tips to work on things before they become habit.And as for the zoom lessons - I’ve been so pleasantly surprised how well these work!! Oscar the pup is able to focus just on me in safe setting with minimal distractions. And that means far less multi tasking for me! We then take what we have been taught and apply in different places which improves the skill and improves socialisation. We are very pleased we used Takepuppysteps to help Oscar have as good a start as we can manage for him and would recommend to anyone starting out with a four legged friend.
Lindsay has proved that even in lockdown her advice is invaluable. The zoom sessions are really useful - she was very flexible in timing and came up with several solutions to the minor issues that having a new puppy can throw up. Really enjoying our chats and will be having more and move on to in person when possible. Thoroughly recommended!

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